Horoglide grease, 50ml

Horoglide grease, 50ml

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Horoglide grease, 50ml

For English watchmakers Horoglide is standard equipment in every workshop. Now also available from us:

Horoglide in the handy dispenser is an oil-based grease that coats the surfaces of the spring with an incredibly slippery coating that allows you to glide over one another - without sticking, squeezing out or drying out.

It has similarities to watch oil and grease, yet it has lubrication qualities that exceed the qualities of both traditional watchmaking solutions!

Content: 50ml

An amazing new alternative to traditional oil OR grease solutions.

We have been supplying lubricants to horologists for over 40 years and the lubrication of mainsprings has been one of the most discussed items we've ever sold. Until recently there have been two choices; OIL or GREASE

Our HoroGlide combines the best of both! It's an oil-based grease that coats the spring's surfaces with an incredibly slippery coating, making them glide over each other without sticking, squeezing out or drying. Supplied in precision syringe applicator...

Kit includes 15ml of HoroGlide lubricant in easy to use syringe and nozzle.
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