Matured forest clock, Made in Germany, black dial

Matured forest clock, Made in Germany, black dial

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  • Colour: black

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Matured forest clock, Made in Germany, black dial

100% home, 100% Black Forest! The original clocks are 100% from our region.

The massive wood for our clocks comes from the Black Forest, the wood is prepared by a local carpenter and then labeled - as proof of origin, where the wood comes from exactly and how old it is, for example. "Old wood beaten by hand, 19th century, from Dunning in the Black Forest." Thus, every single clock is unique not only because of its individual size and the cut, but also because of its origin.

The regionality and the closeness to the Black Forest as well as to local workshops are very close to our hearts - as well as sustainability. Our watches are deliberately packed and delivered in jute bags.

Inside the clocks are U.T.S.-quality quartz movements, of course also made in Germany. Delivery incl. Battery.

Timber clock made of old wood, dimensions approx. 110 x 160 x 110mm, approx. 800g.

All variations:
345912 - white dial
345913 - black dial
345914 - White dial, "Schwarzwaldhäusle" (house)
345915 - black dial, "Schwarzwaldhäusle" (house)

Order battery directly: Reference 307368

2 years manufacturer warranty.
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