Shrinkfoil set self made buttons

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Shrinkfoil set self made buttons

The idea is fantastic - and simple: use conventional crayons or waterproof felt-tip pens to paint the rough surface of our shrink film and then cut it out with scissors according to the size of the picture. If the part should have a hanging hole (or more), then this is punched immediately with a punch. Nothing else to do! The film is already prepared after painting (and punching if desired) and can be placed in the oven, where you by the oven heat to cia. 60% shrinks. (For example, a 120mm disk after shrinking is only 48mm small). If e.g. Your finished pendant should have 4cm size, the painted surface is multiplied by a factor of 2.5, so in this case: 4cm x 2.5 = 10cm to be painted shrink film surface. The finished product from the oven is accordingly thick and stable after shrinking. With this technique, you can create different everyday objects, pendants for example, door signs, colorful butterflies, on the back of which you stick a brooch pin and use it as a badge, hair clips, buttons, deco pieces, place cards, mobile and so much more! With our creative sets we give you the optimal starter tool and great design ideas - discover this versatile technology! Design, get into the oven - and be amazed! 345623 - Shrinkwrap Set "Do-it-yourself Buttons". A great idea and practical problem solver at the same time! Homemade buttons, original button design! Package Contents: - 1 shrink film neutral - 1 shrink film printed - 1 original sheet - 1 pack of crayons with 10 pieces - 1 hole pliers Incl. Instruction manual.
Article name Shrinkfoil set
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Application self made buttons
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