Concrete dip, complete set, 350g

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Concrete dip, complete set, 350g

It's amazing what you can make or refine with concrete!

The concrete dip consists of concrete stone powder and a liquid dipping emulsifier. Both materials are mixed together at a ratio of 2:1. This creates
low-viscosity concrete dip, in which articles, such as natural leaves, flowers, plastic flowers, wood, cork, and absorbent textiles, are immersed, then immediately removed and hung up to dry and cure.

Important: Non-absorbent dip objects (flowers, e. g., roses and dahlias with sturdy blooms, as well as flowers made of plastic, parts made of styrofoam, plastic, wood etc.) must first be pretreated (dipped or painted) with adhesive medium (order no. 339942 or 339943) so that the adhesive layer firmly bonds to the concrete dip after drying. Absorbent textiles made of wool, linen, etc. can be dipped directly.

Tip: If the concrete dip is too viscous, it can be diluted with a little water to form a homogeneous concrete liquid, which covers the dipped objects evenly and dries firmly as a thin layer of material. Thinning does not change the properties of the concrete, but requires more time for curing.

The pictures with the decoration egg show the easy processing of the concrete dip: 1. Stir - 2. Dip - 3. Brush - 4. All done!

CONTENTS concrete dip, complete set:
- Package content 350g
- Adhesive medium 50g bottle
- Concrete stone powder 200 g bag
- Dipping emulsifier 100 g bottle
- Stirring spatula 113 mm 1 piece
- Protective gloves 1 pair
- Instructions for use

- Product substance concrete powder + immersion emulsion in a ratio of 2:1
- Colouring light grey
- Application: Used to impregnate, coat, and solidify natural flowers, leaves, branches (pre-treated with adhesive medium) or to coat textiles.
- Material consumption: A thin layer of concrete requires approx. 150 - 160 g/m2.
- How to use: Dip objects into the ready mixed concrete dip or apply the concrete dispersion with a brush.
- Curing time approx. 1 – 2 days
- Clean equipment with water


Permanent adhesive, non-toxic and solvent-free, excellent flow, therefore particularly suitable for pretreatment of objects to be coated with rust dip, metal dip, or concrete dip. Adhesive medium base is painted on the object with a brush or the object is dipped directly into the adhesive base. It is advantageous if the object is then hung upside down, so that excess adhesive medium dries before dripping off. The adhesive medium is also available separately under the order no. 339942 (50g) or 339943 (100g).
Article name Concrete dip set
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Concrete dip, complete set, 350g

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