Creaform Moulding Material

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Creaform Moulding Material

Properties: Quick moulding mass with a curing time of approx. 8 min! The finished mould can immediately be used for casting.
Creaform consists of natural products (plant fibers, proteins) and is skin-friendly (pH neutral)!

Usage: Ideal for making prototypes, quick copies of reliefs and figures, for making moulds of body parts, e.g., fully plastic casts
of hands, etc., or partial casts of a face.

Processing: Can be used with or without mould box. If a mould box is not used, the mass must be more viscous so that it can
be applied with a spatula.

Suitable casting materials: Artelin, polyester resins, polywood or wax.

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Article name Creaform Moulding Material
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