Porcellana Fanatastica 150g

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Porcellana Fanatastica 150g

Gorgeous white, air-curing modelling cream. It becomes porcelain-like and hardens with a silky matt surface. Completely pollutant free - made from natural starch derivatives and glycerine. Therefore also meets the requirements of EN 71 - Part 3. CE

Application: Cream your hands with a greasy skin cream before modelling. This prevents sticking and adhesion of the material on fingers and hands. It also makes it easier to knead, sculpt, and model.

Impressions: Carefully knead Porzellana fantastica with your fingers, making it soft and supple. As an impression template, use a plastic or silicone mould, which you first dust with a separating powder, e. g., maize starch (Maizena), then fill with the modelling compound and press it in so that the surface is flush with the mould. The use of the separating powder allows easy removal of the successful impression model from the mould.

Colouring: Porzellana fantastica can be tinted effectively with universal colour concentrate (e. g., Art. 339600 501) as desired. Even a small amount of dye is sufficient and is completely worked into the modelling compound. The kneading material absorbs the dye and is tinted, instantly resulting in a coloured modelling clay.

Special note: Wear protective gloves when kneading, otherwise your fingers and hands will also be stained by the dye.

Marbling: In addition to the white base, use two coloured modelling compounds, which are then kneaded into a marbled compound. The easiest way to do this is to shape the coloured modelling compounds into a roll, place them together, and twist them to create a spiral-patterned design,from which you then model a coloured figure.

Painting: The finished models can be painted with any paint, finished with metal lacquers, and effectually glazed or varnished with transparent lacquers or colourless cold glaze and thus protected against dirt etc.

Storage of the leftover material: Wrap unused modelling cream in cling film, previously coated with a thin layer of skin cream, and store it in the airtight plastic container, where it remains until you wish to work with it again (approx. 6 - 8 weeks).

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