Professional kneadable concrete, grey, 1500 g

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  • Colour: grau

  • Content: 1500.00

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Professional kneadable concrete, grey, 1500 g

Kneading and modelling a concrete mass is as much or even more fun than working with conventional modelling compounds. Especially
because it can also be used to make practical utensils, such as strong boxes, door signs, candlesticks, and figures. Wrapping of styrofoam balls to make bowls or moulding natural leaves is also lots of fun.

All that can be made out of kneadable concrete:

everyday objects, such as bowls, coasters, flower pots, candle holders, and eggcups. In addition, decorative objects, such as door signs, reliefs, and figures. Since
you can add more or less water to professional kneadable to make the material itself soft, medium soft, or firm to not only form and design figures, but even cover an existing plastic bowl on the outside with a 4-5 mm thick concrete layer. Before curing, small holes can be cut out with cookie cutters. This creates an individual decorative object. Our professional kneadable concrete
is also suitable for modelling free-standing objects, including those made with wire mesh (chicken wire), using the skeletal modulation technique. Modelling and shaping should then be done with your hands. You will discover the fantastic possibilities of this exceptional modelling mass. It is extremely supple and malleable. That's a lot of fun. It's understandable that you won't want to stop
and create something new. Once your model is half finished, let it cure for 10 - 15 minutes. It becomes firm, but can still be processed afterwards. For this purpose, dip your fingertips into a small bowl filled with water, coat the concrete surface to be modelled, and it becomes softer and more supple again. After that, you can continue to model immediately. You can start and apply newly mixed material to already finished or firm places immediately. Both kneading masses immediately join together firmly. As a result, you can take a bowl, for example, built with a roll technique, and turn it into a sculpture or a decorative animal model. Everything is possible since the material is unique, with the following special advantages: It does not stick - but sticks together with the same material immediately. It is supple and can be changed from the solid to the modellable state at any time by adding water. The professional kneadable concrete is fully cured after 2 - 3 days and is then waterproof and weatherproof, hard, and fully resilient.

- Package contents 1500g in plastic bucket
- Mixing/water bowl 1 piece
- Protective gloves 1 pair
- Instructions for use

- Colouring grey
- Maximum grain dia. 0.8 mm
- Mixing ratio 1 part water and 3 parts powder
- Mixing and kneading time 3 minutes
- Processing time - 60-75 minutes
- Curing time 2 - 3 days
- Processing temperature +6 to +24 °C

More and more technical products from the craftsmanship processing sector can be developed to become suitable for artistic use. This includes this universal kneadable concrete, which, like all other mortars of sand and cement, has been mixed with some additional modifications so that it can be successfully used for hobby or therapeutic modelling and shaping, and also in arts and crafts applications. In contrast to classic cement, this modelable kneadable concrete contains less aggressive ingredients because it contains other minerals in addition to some cement. Due to the reduced alkalinity, this kneadable concrete does not necessarily require protective gloves for modelling. However, the alkaline effect remaining in the concrete will gradually attack the adipose tissue of the skin and degrades it by saponification, causing the skin to crack and become brittle. Mixing and kneading the mixture should therefore always be done with protective gloves. After modelling with unprotected hands and fingers, you should apply fatty cream to restore the natural fat content of the skin. If your skin is very sensitive, you should not work without protective gloves.
Article name Professional kneadable concrete, grey
Colour grau
Application Profi
Inhalt 1500.00
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