Rust dip, complete set, 600g

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Rust dip, complete set, 600g

COMPLETE SET, ready to go. Discover the fascinating beauty of rust.

Extra-fine rust dip for covering filigree objects (rose petals, decorative objects, polystyrene…). After the dipping process, a thin layer of real rust is formed, which changes colour during drying. Drying time depending on layer thickness approx. 4 hours.

While rust used to be considered unsightly, to be eliminated as quickly as possible, the brown rust colour is one of the attributes of a modern, contemporary product today. Therefore, it is not surprising when you suddenly see rusty roses in a vase, right next to ones freshly cut from the garden. The difference between natural and artificial is no longer essential - both look stylish. The rust surface, like all other metallic metal dips, can be modified with oxidants to show one of the familiar rust colours: ochre, light or medium brown, dark or rustic brown, black, or green. It is important to protect the surface against colour changes that may be caused by the effects of moisture, using the matt-drying anti-oxidation matt finish spray (order no. 339944).

CONTENTS rust dip set
The materials required for ""rusting"" are included in this pack. The rust dip is also suitable for large-scale objects and painting of statues, angels, buddas, garden gnomes, and other figures made of styrofoam, ceramic, etc., which cannot be dipped directly.
- Package content 600g
- Rust dip 500g tin
- Adhesive medium 100g bottle
- Protective gloves 1 pair
- Instructions for use

- Grey, but turns brownish after a short time
- Grain size superfine 100 μm
- Material consumption 90 - 100 g/m2
- Density 1.9 - 2.0 g/cm3
- Drying time/oxidation time approx. 1 – 2 days

The pictures with the rose show the simple application: 1. Immerse in adhesive medium (our order no. 339942 or 339943. - 2. Let dry. - 3. Apply a rust dip - 4. Finished rust surface.


The rusted surface (pendants, tiles, candlesticks, etc.) should not change colour after they are finished. Therefore, they are coated once with this anti-oxidation matt finish, preventing the surface colour from changing. This also applies for objects with a DIY
rust surface to fully preserve their oxidised rust colour.

RUST DIP can be reordered under order no. 339949
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