True kneadable concrete, 500 g

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True kneadable concrete, 500 g

True kneadable concrete

The higher-quality "true kneadable concrete", compared to other kneadable concrete, is non-toxic - and thus suitable for children. It is the only fully non-toxic kneadable concrete not requiring labelling!

Perfect for making practical everyday objects, such as bowls, strong boxes, door signs, candlesticks, and figures.
True kneadable concrete is perfectly modelable and very dimensionally stable.
After the curing time, it can even be used outdoors!
The material can be mixed with colour pigment powder (order no.: 336263 and 336264).

True kneadable concrete is particularly well suited proper concrete modelling, i. e., for free-standing objects. It is mixed in a ratio of 1 part water and 3 parts concrete powder, kneaded well, after which it will then be ready for use immediately. The result is a perfectly modelable, smooth, dimensionally stable ""true"", and also deliberately ""slightly"" modified ""kneadable concrete"". And this material has it all. When working with it, you will immediately discover the difference to conventional concrete moulding and
casting compounds:

- Extra light
- Supple
- Self-adhesive
- Non-sticky afterwards
- Completely non-toxic
- Reclaimable at any time

Since this concrete has almost the same modelling properties as clay, but hardens and cures faster, you can also use it to make bowls and jars in the usual roll and build technique. In addition, it is also suitable for coating polystyrene and plastic half-shells, which serve as a mould.

If the kneadable concrete becomes dry, it is sufficient to moisten your fingers, knead it briefly, and continue working. The small amount of water makes it supple, kneadable, and malleable again. In order to attach parts (arms, legs, etc.) to a modelled figure, both splices are moistened. This is followed by placing (light pressure), bonding, and curing of the part. If mixed material is left over: Pack it in an airtight sealable polybag. It can
be used the next day. The kneadable concrete that is not yet cured is mixed with a little water (kneaded) and can then used again as usual.


- Colouring grey
- Maximum grain dia. 0.8 mm
- Mixing ratio 1 part water and 3 parts powder
- Mixing and kneading time 3 minutes
- Processing time - 75-90 minutes
- Curing time 36–40 hours
- Processing temperature +6 to +24 °C
Article name True kneadable concrete
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