Bat Detector Kit new version

Bat Detector Kit new version

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Bat Detector Kit new version

The calls of bats can not be heard? With the right technical aids already - and not only that. Now listen to nature with modern electronics and build your own high-quality ultrasonic detector!

Make ultrasonic waves of the animals audible: This kit makes it an easy and failsafe exercise - the board is already equipped with numerous SMD components. Put only a few parts together and wire the board with microphone, loudspeaker and the setting controls - that's it.

Modern integrated circuits provide high sensitivity and volume. So you can track down these fascinating flying artists in the dark even where they are otherwise completely unnoticed in the hunt for insects. But not only bats, but also numerous technical devices send out ultrasound. You will be surprised by how many inaudible sound sources surround us. Give your ears superpowers: 20 kHz are not enough.

Additionally required: 9V block battery for up to 25 hours observation time. Not recommended for children under 8 years.

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