Car glare shield day & night

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Car glare shield day & night

Glare protection day and night - for a safe journey! Good visibility in difficult lighting conditions!

Glare-free vision is the prerequisite for a safe car ride. This anti-glare device “disarms” dangerous lighting conditions both during the day and at night. During the day, stressful lighting conditions such as the low sun or glistening reflections irritate the eyes. In the dark, especially in combination with wet conditions, headlights and neon signs strain and tire the eyes. All these disorders impair the driver's ability to concentrate and increase the risk of accidents.

The day and night sun visor (30 x 13 cm) diffuses selective, dazzling light. The eyes are no longer stressed and irritated as much. As a result, they do not tire so quickly, the driver's concentration is not disturbed and attention is focused 100% on driving. The individually adjustable glare protection made of 2 high-quality, shatterproof acrylic glass panes (yellow for night, gray for daytime) is attached to the sun visor with a stable clip - quickly, easily, without tools.

If required, the required glare protection can be folded down with one hand. The glare protection is suitable for sun visors of all common sizes.

Glare-free vision - safe driving!

• Glare-free vision during the day and at night
• relaxed driving - safe arrival
• individually adjustable
• high quality acrylic glass
• just put on the sun visor
Brand Maximex
Article name Car glare shield
Anwendung für bessere Sicht
External dimension length 300.00
Unit length mm
Dimensions width mm 130.00

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