BALLISTOL Animal Care Oil, 100ml

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BALLISTOL Animal Care Oil, 100ml

Due to its composition and careful production, Ballistol Animal is ideal for post-wound treatment or as a universal care oil. Natural and gentle care for animals.

• Skin and paw care: Promotes hair growth on chafed areas and lumps. In winter preventive protection against road salt and freezing of the snow on the paw hair.
• Ear care: For cleaning the outer auricle.
• Tail, coat and hoof care: Loosens incrustations. The tail hair becomes silky, shiny and flowy. Mane care is carried out in the same way. After cleaning the hooves, brush with Ballistol Animal.
• Post-wound treatment: acts as a high-quality care oil on the fur or skin and makes it soft and supple. The oil is therefore ideal for post-wound treatment to care for and protect the new skin and to prevent scarring.
• Saddle pressure and sweet itch: The widespread sweet itch in horses can be treated in the same way as after wound treatment. After acute wounds, the skin is kept soft and supple by using Ballistol Animal and hair growth is promoted. In favorable cases the pressure point disappeares the next day. (Note: If the skin is already injured and wounds are visible, please contact your veterinarian.)
• Relief of itching: The valuable essential oils contained in Ballistol Animal, together with the high-quality skin care oils, provide relief from itching, such as skin irritations, insect bites or chafing.

• Content: 100ml (liquid)

• Consists of proven natural, plant-based active ingredients and medicinally pure white oil
• Tried and tested for over 65 years and well tolerated
• Completely harmless when licking the fur or accidentally ingesting it
• Recommended by veterinarians
• Without colorings and preservatives
• Free from animal oils

Note: Avoid contact with eyes as it may cause a slight burn. Always read the package leaflet when using.
Marke Ballistol
Article name Animal Care Oil
Eigenschaft natural & well tolerated
Special feature Pet
Anwendung Care, wound treatment
Manufacturer name Animal
Inhalt 100.00

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