Hasulith Rapid Premium fast glueing non blooming 20g

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product description

Hasulith Rapid Premium fast glueing non blooming 20g

Special superglue without blooming effect!

The new Hasulith Rapid Premium instant adhesive is the alternative for all jobs where no white coating, as usual with instant adhesives, can start.

The advantages:

- "Non-Blooming" feature - so no blooming / white veil effect around the splices
- Perfect for all visible repair areas
- low odor: no pungent smell, as you will find it with superglues
- dries transparent
- High adhesion
- Ideal curing time: Fast, but with sufficient time for optimal positioning

Customer review: "Super Glue, can be corrected excellent. Super also when repairing dials extremely well to use!".


In order to make handling of the sensational rapid glue non blooming even easier, the tip of the red-gray cap - as usual with other glues - must not be cut off. This is a resealable closure.

Therefore: do not cut off!

Open the transparent adhesive tip of the red-gray cap by turning this colorless part to the left (counterclockwise). (The colorless turning cap to the left, so that it "moves upwards.") The opening is activated and you can practically and easily dose the adhesive.
After use, close again by turning the colorless glue tip to the right (clockwise) (until the resistance is reached).

Also included is a separate "normal" white tip (if the original mechanism is eventually glued, the fastener itself was accidentally "destroyed", for example, by cutting off the tip, or you want to attach a cannula. under the white cap) must of course be cut off when used, by default the adhesive will be shipped with the red-gray attachment, in exceptional cases the white cap will be attached and the red-gray will be loose, in which case unscrew the white one Cap off and remove the underlying transparent cap from the opening (this is pressed in, by gently moving or with the help of a pair of pliers can easily remove this) and put / Rotate the red-gray cap on it and start at the above step.
Article name Hasulith Rapid
Eigenschaft Superglue
Special feature no white surface
Application Dials, for all visible repair areas
Manufacturer name Hasulith
Inhalt 20.00
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