KWM by Flume Universal Bushing Tool incl. Adapter, Hook Key, Protection Cover

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KWM by Flume Universal Bushing Tool incl. Adapter, Hook Key, Protection Cover

We exclusively present you the new (KWM by Flume) Universal Bushing Tool!

The legendary KWM Universal Bushing Tool in a new design and with better operation: With our internal development based on the tried and tested predecessor by ELMA, now it is possible not only to use all the original KWm by Flume brass brushes but also all brass and bronze bushes by BERGEON.

The KWM Universal Bushing Tool, which is made for all the rational repairs for worn out pivot bearingsof clocks - without big effort! :
- for left and right handers (easy to convert with a central screw)
- optimal power transmission
- with a special adapter, developed by Flume, now it is possible also to use bushes by Bergeon
- new design but rugged design! and even more functions
- delivery incl. hook key, special adapter and protecion cover

The KWM bush system succeeds worldwide for a lot of decades now in clock and watch workshops, factories, industry and electricity companies. Millions of KWM bushes - produced by precision machines by the restrated brand 'KWM by Flume' - are processed every year in a lot of countries all around the world. KWM blushes are made for repairs of worn out pivot bearings in all kind of clocks and watches, in counters, tariff clocks, manometers, gauges and various technical drives.

The purchase of the KWM Universal Bushing Tool is definetly recommended, because it is the only way to fully exploit all the advantages of the KWM bearing system.

For months, we worked on the development in our own workshop together with the industrial company who is responsible for the serial production. We started from the button to think out well what new kind of solutions the machine could bring into your workshop - with all its exercises which have to be solved. That brang us to the idea to construct an exclusive KWM adapter that makes it possible to use also Bergeon blushes with the same machine. The new KWM blushing tool bases on the technology and reliability of the former device by ELMA who made steps forward in view of working more efficient and safer.
The KWM Universal Blush Tool will be delivered with a protection cover, a hook key (for converting to a left or right handers machine) and the KWM exclusive adapter to insert brass and bronze bushes by Bergeon. It can be fixed on the KWM work block (Ref. 343259) what makes it possible to use it on every working place what shows it is portable unlike to the machine without working block what has to be bolted at a suitable place. In he KWM working block is enough space that is meant for the equipment like anvils, pushihers, burr remover, centering tip etc., the additional tools, the KWM pivot gauge and he KWM storing boxes. Everything ready to hand and no other space for the KWM system needed!

Sizes circa (depends on the holder): 330mm height x 90mm wide x 185mm depth.
Article name KW by Flume Universal Blush Tool
Farbe red/ off white
Manufacturer name KWM-Einpressapparat
Content 1.00
External dimension length 185.00
Dimensions width mm 90.00
Dimensions height mm 330.00

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