Book The Repair of Pendulums

Book The Repair of Pendulums

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Book The Repair of Pendulums

Only available in GERMAN

This book was published in 1977 by the Association of Technical Schools in Switzerland and is now available for the first time as a revised reprint.

The repair of the pendulum clocks is written by Eugène Jaquet (formerly Direct of the Geneva Watchmaking School) and Dante Gibertini (formerly technical director and teacher of the repair class of the Geneva Watchmaking School).

The defects that usually occur in all pendulum clocks and how to rectify them are dealt with in the same way as the precautions that must be taken when dismantling and setting up the clockwork.

Anyone who specializes in the repair of old and antique pendulum clocks will love this book as an instructive tool.

• Classification of pendulum clocks with striking mechanism

• The Paris mantel clock with a closing disc

• Repair of a Paris clock with a closing disk

• Dismantling the pendulum

• How do you replace broken teeth on a wheel and on the barrel of a pendulum clock?

• How is the hook replaced on a pendulum barrel?

• Cleaning the pendulum

• Erect the pendulum

• Fine adjustment of the pendulum

• Calculating and making a new pendulum

• Production of a final disc

• The Parisian pendulum clock with rake

• Construction of the hourly scale and the rake

• The Burgundy Clocks (Morbiers)

• The escapement with steering wheel escapement

• Modern pendulum clocks with quarter beats

• The Neuchâtel pendulums with a quarter beat

• Repeater mechanism for quarters and alarm clocks in antique clocks

• Neuchâtel pendulums with quarter beat and repetition

• Neuchâtel pendulum with a large striking mechanism

• Large clock with Westminter carillon

• The gong sticks

• German clocks with modern mechanisms (Furtwängler, Junghans)

• French clocks with modern mechanisms (Odo, Morez-du-Jura) as well as with 2 melodies (Auguste Girod & Fils, Morbier)

• The vestibules

• Clocks from the Wermeille & Co. factory

• Zenith pendulums, Le Locle

• Some of the tools used by the watchmaker-rhabiller

226 pages, more than 100 illustrations

In addition, there are other pendulum clocks or clocks in the book, such as the English clocks. What was also explained in detail for the Pariserpendule also applies to a large extent to other large clocks anyway.

The deficiencies that usually occur in all Pendulen and their remedies are dealt with in detail, especially those in the Parisian Pendule

with final disc. The precautions to be taken when dismantling and erecting the pendulum are also described.
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