LED-Loupe RF-Big

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Description du produit

LED-Loupe RF-Big

RF-Big is a rechargeable and brightness adjustable model. This new feature was made possible thanks to the feedback from our previous model, the the loupe RF-Big, taking the RC model into a whole new level.

Rechargeable battery & perfect focus!

Simple and convenient!

- No need for battery replacement anymore.

- You also do not need to hold it like other lens, just put it over any surface or document to give the augmentation you need.

Adjustable LED brightness with big lens!

- Choose the most comfortable brightness for your eyes! 

- 3 levels of brightness are available just by rotating the frame.

- Easy to read small letters and check small things!

- You can enjoy reading or checking small things in dark environments with the big lens and adjustable brightness.

- RF-Big makes close inspection on small items/work or reading blueprints easier than ever before!

User Centered Design!

- The lens focus is made in such a way you do not have to hold or look at it from a fixed place anymore!

- Moving the RF-loupes around is also really easy, now with the light brightness that is easiest on the eyes.


- Convenient bag

- Magnifier

- USB cable (1.8m)

- Cleaning cloth

Specifications Material

- Lens:K9 / Metal base:Aluminum

- Body Material: Acrylic

- Battery Life: Lithium polymer battery; between 1 and 8,5 hours depending on LED-light

- Charging Time: About 1,5 hrs

- Input: Micro USB / DC5V <2A

- Size: Diameter 100mm, Height 58mm

- Lens Size: Diameter 74mm

- Magnification: About 3times

- Weight: About 210g

- Light: White LED, 3 pcs
Nom de l'article LED-Lupe RF-Big
Matériau Aluminium
Couleur anthrazit/ grau
Particularité besonders große Linse, 3-stufig dimmbar
Application zwischen 1 und 8,5 Stunden
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 58.00
Dimensions extérieures Ø mm 100.000
Vergrößerung bis zu 3x

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