LED-Loupe RF-Touch

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Description du produit

LED-Loupe RF-Touch

RF-Touch is a rechargeable and magnification adjustable model where with just one touch you can control the LED with perfect magnification function. This makes the loupe RF-touch the revolutionary lens you are looking for!

Rechargeable battery & perfect focus!

Simple and convenient!

- No need for battery replacement anymore.

- You also do not need to hold it like other lens, just put it over any surface or document to closely exam or read.

One touch controlled LED light!

- There is a master switch inside the body with 3 functions[Touch/Off/On].

- Setting to [(Touch)]:You can turn on/off LED the light only by touching the silver circle.

- Setting to [ON]: The LED will always be lighted.

- Setting to [OFF]: When you no longer need to use the LED.

Changing Magnification

- The zoom can be changed by rotating the silver circle.

- This function allows you to examine or read what you want using the magnification you need.

- Touch mode works even when you are changing the magnification.


- Convenient bag

- Magnifier

- USB cable (1.8m)

- Cleaning cloth

Specifications Material

- Lens:K9 / Metal base:Aluminum

- Body Material: Acrylic

- Battery Life: Lithium polymer battery; About 3h

- Charging Time: About 2h

- Input: Micro USB / DC5V <2A

- Size: Diameter 92mm, Height 50mm to 71mm

- Lens Size: Diameter 69mm

- Magnification: About 3times

- Weight: About 186g

- Light: White LED, 3 pcs
Nom de l'article LED-Lupe RF-Touch
Matériau Aluminium
Couleur anthrazit/ grau
Particularité Stufenlos dimmbar, manuelle Vergrößerung
Application 3 Stunden
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 50.00
Dimensions extérieures Ø mm 92.000
Vergrößerung bis zu 3x

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