BALLISTOL precision engineering oil, 200ml

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Description du produit

BALLISTOL precision engineering oil, 200ml

USTANOL from BALLISTOL - the precision engineering oil with extremely high creeping activity!

Has proven itself in every workshop with great properties for years:

• Low viscosity

• Extremely high creeping activity

• Cleans, lubricates and protects all metal parts

• Infiltrates and displaces water

• Rust protection

• Rust remover

• Free of PTFE and silicone

• Content: 200ml


Typical fields of application:

• Precision mechanical devices, measuring tools, clocks and locks

• Cutting and milling work, threads and fits

Ideal for the care, lubrication and preservation of fine mechanical devices, precision instruments, machines and production systems, tools and

Workshop machines, all metal parts. Also prevents brass and copper from tarnishing.


• Thin, economical neural oil

• Enormously high creeping ability

• Strongly adheres to metals

• Cleans, lubricates, protects and removes unsuitable oils, gums and other residues

• Resistant to aging

• Infiltrates and displaces water

• Suitable as a contact oil and rust remover

• Does not resinify, silicone, PTFE and acid free

• Free from animal oils

Operating temperature range from -50 ° C to approx. 150 ° C

Technical specifications:

Density g / cm3 at 20 ° C: approx. 0.84

Viscosity mm2 / s at 20 ° C: 4.80

Viscosity mm2 / s at 50 ° C: 2.90

Drop point: -51 ° C

Surface tension mN / m at 20 ° C: 26.50

Creep capacity on sheet steel after 60 minutes: 4.0

Ustanol precision engineering oil is a specialist among technical oils. It is a pH-neutral oil with an extremely low surface tension and an equally low viscosity. This makes Ustanol particularly easy to creep and automatically penetrates into the smallest spaces. Ustanol creep oil is resistant to aging and does not resinify. It reliably creeps under water on metals and, thanks to its low surface tension and enormous ability to creep, offers reliable rust protection even in the last corner.

Hazard warning: Highly flammable liquid and vapor. Can be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. Causes skin irritation. May cause respiratory irritation. May cause drowsiness and dizziness. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Additional information aerosol packaging: Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurized container: May burst if heated.
Marque Ballistol
Artikelname Feinmechanik-Öl
Propriété Enorm hohe Kriechaktivität
Bereich Werkstatt
Anwendung reinigt, schmiert, schützt
Désignation du fabricant USTANOL
Sommaire 200.00
Contenu Unité de mesure ml

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359047 Feinmechanik-Öl reinigt, schmiert, schützt Werkstatt 200.00 ml 5,49 € *

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