Bronchial Inhaler - Dry Salt Therapy - Take a deep breath

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Bronchial Inhaler - Dry Salt Therapy - Take a deep breath

Finally breathe freely! Soothing and relieving.

The bronchial or nasal inhaler each contains 5 grams of medicinal raw salt from the Praid salt mine, sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium in different proportions. Benefit from air enriched with salt aerosol!

In salt therapy - known since ancient times - salt aerosol (nano-salt components dissolved in air) is inhaled: Thus, the inhaler can be used for all types of respiratory diseases, allergies and irritations of the airways and for prophylaxis. It is 100% natural, well tolerated and free from side effects.

Awarded as "" Best New Specialty Health Product "" at the leading trade fair for natural medicine and natural products "" Natural & Organic Products Europe "" 2019 in London! Made in the EU.


- Bronchial inhaler, especially for the lower airways - Reference 357291

- Nasal inhaler, especially for the upper respiratory tract - Reference 357292

Regular use of the Nasal DSI Inhalo supports optimal hygiene of the nasal mucosa and can help to alleviate and heal irritations and diseases.

Application areas:

- Prophylaxis to keep the lower respiratory tract healthy

- Cold with runny nose, cough and nasal congestion

- Hay fever and allergic reactions of the respiratory tract in general

- Acute bronchitis

- Asthma *

- Obstructive bronchitis*

- COPD (Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis) *

- Laryngitis

- Cough

- Smoker's cough

- Inflammations and wounds in the mouth and throat (dental surgery, tonsil surgery)

* In case of severe and chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease and high blood pressure, please discuss the use of the DSI Inhalo with your doctor or pharmacist beforehand.

Each inhaler contains 5 grams of selected rock salt, defined hardness and grain size for the atomization of the finest dry salt aerosols from the Salina Pride therapy salt mine.

After the first use, the inhalers are usable for 3 months (max.). Information on contraindications can be found in the product information on this page (PDF).
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