Pastaclean insect repellant 500ml with separate sprayer

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Description du produit

Pastaclean insect repellant 500ml with separate sprayer

Our insect repellant works like an invisible insect screen - and offers optimal, safe all-round protection for the house, garden, balcony, camping, vacation and leisure time.

The Pastaclean insect repellent is an invisible protective barrier against insects and vermin at home and abroad. Indispensable and reliable protection for the entire family against mosquitoes, ticks, willow flies, head flies, horseflies, hair lice, feather lice, trichostrongylus, bird mites, ants, fleas, spiders, lice, mites, silverfish & cockroaches.

Pastaclean insect repellent with long-term protection prevents insects from entering living spaces by simply spraying it on, for example, window sills, door frames and curtains. When used outdoors (for example with garden furniture), the seat covers, undersides of tables, awnings or parasols are sprayed with Pastaclean insect repellent.

Reliable protection against insects and vermin is also guaranteed in tents and caravans. For excursions into nature, individual items of clothing (hiking clothing, shoes, pants, jacket) can also be sprayed on the outside (spray - let clothes dry - put on).

Pastaclean insect repellent also protects all large and small animals such as horses and pets. Rooms, stables, corners and walls can be sprayed. For small animals, baskets, blankets or collars are sprayed. The insect repellent against parasites in garbage cans is also ideal. The transmission of bacteria by insects is minimized (with organic bins, please only spray the lid from the outside so that the natural composting is preserved).


Shake well before use. Please read the product information and instructions before use. Now spray the Pastaclean insect repellent onto the surfaces or materials to be protected from a spray distance of approx. 20 cm. Check the material compatibility of substances. Please ensure sufficient ventilation through open windows and doors during the spraying process. To fight the insects directly, spray the Pastaclean insect repellant directly into their hiding place. Please keep Pastaclean insect repellent away from food as well as garden ponds, aquariums and terrariums.


Finely spray ornamental plants indoors and outdoors at a distance of approx. 30-40 cm to free them from aphids and other infestations.

ATTENTION: Not for crops. Please spray indoor plants outside. You can remove unwanted center deposits on objects with a warm soapy solution. Pastaclean Insect Repellent is not intended for use on the skin. Wash off with soap and water after skin contact.

Active ingredients: 1.2 g / kg cypermethrin, 0.6 g / kg esbiothrin

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Marke Pastaclean
Nom de l'article Insektenschutz
Particularité mit Sprüher
Application gegen Insekten, Mücken etc.
Désignation du fabricant Pastaclean

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