Pastaclean toilet powder with ceramic whitener, 3kg economy pack

Pastaclean toilet powder with ceramic whitener, 3kg economy pack

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Pastaclean toilet powder with ceramic whitener, 3kg economy pack

For hygienically clean toilets, urinals, drains & bidets!

• Neutralizes odors

• Bathroom & sanitary ceramics are optically brightened with every use

Pastaclean WC powder with ceramic whitener is a powder concentrate that, in combination with water, becomes a cleansing power foam with a soaking formula. The new powerful formula against limescale and urine scale is ideal for effortless cleaning and refreshment of your toilet up to the edge.

With the newly integrated ceramic brightener, the ceramic is optically brightened when the toilet is cleaned and the brightening is intensified with each subsequent use. An optimal lightening result is obtained after approx. 5 - 6 applications. Regular use of Pastaclean WC Powder keeps the sanitary ware brightened and smooth.

The deodorizing property neutralizes and eliminates unpleasant odors. The power foam automatically dissolves dirt up to the edge of the toilet and prevents limescale deposits.

• Application:

Pour the dosed powder completely and with a little swing into the water of the toilet.

• Tip:

To increase the activity of the toilet powder, you can add approx. 1-2 cups of warm water to the standing water of the toilet. If the foam does not rise high enough, you can also add a little more powder by throwing a small amount of powder through the foam into the water in the toilet. Since the powder needs a lot of water to activate, add a little water if necessary (if the foam does not completely fill the toilet). Let the rising foam take effect and when it has collapsed by itself, simply remove any deposits that have been loosened with the toilet brush and rinse.

• Quick cleaning:

Moisten the toilet ceramics with a toilet brush, sprinkle some powder on the moistened ceramics until foam forms. Spread the foam with the toilet brush and polish the toilet, rinse. Remove any foam residue on the toilet rim with a damp cloth.

• Recommendation:

Toilet: 80ml-100ml

Urinal: 30ml- 50 ml

Bidet: 70ml-100 ml

If the foam rises too high, use less powder. If the foam does not go under the toilet rim, use a higher dose or add some water.

Store dry and closed

• Recommendation:

We recommend one application per week for basic hygienic cleaning. Put your toilet brush in the self-cleaning active foam in the toilet for cleaning.

If there are unpleasant smells, run in some water from the drain. Add about 1 tablespoon of toilet powder and add a little water to the powder.

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Nom de l'article WC-Pulver mit Keramikaufheller
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