Kit Kryptos - Cryptex - The transportable safe

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Kit Kryptos - Cryptex - The transportable safe

With the mysterious crypto, a mobile safe can be tinkered together yourself!

In the wooden kit (made of laser-cut birch wood, smooth, without fringes, burrs, etc.) secret messages can be stored and secured or small gifts can be hidden.

The mechanics of the construction are learned with the assembly.

• Size: 105 x 60mm

• Size of the secret compartment inside: 20 x 20 x 80mm

• Components: 45

• Approximate assembly time: 15-20 minutes

• Recommended for ages 14 and up

• Material: birch wood / wood oil

TIP: Use cryptos as sophisticated gift packaging!

The safe can be easily reset and the secret word can consist of up to 6 letters. Most mysterious and mythical. Just cryptos!

Developed and implemented in Germany
Nom de l'article Bausatz Kryptos
Materiaal Birkenholz
Type de transformation laser geschnitten
Application Tresor für Geheimes...
Désignation du fabricant Kryptos - Cryptex
Contenu 1.00
Contenu Unité de mesure Stk
Dimensions extérieures Longueur 105.00
Unité de mesure Longueur mm
Dimensions extérieures Largeur mm 60.00

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