Who will manage to open the box? The Escape Room Challenge Schrödinger's Cat

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  • Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm: 120.00

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Who will manage to open the box? The Escape Room Challenge Schrödinger's Cat

This box has it all. But before you even get inside, you need to use your mind. First of all, one puzzle after the next has to be solved in order to be able to open the box at all. It has little or nothing to do with chance - the solutions are simply based on logical decisions.

In contrast to our different model kits, which you receive in individual parts and have to put together, with this so-called "CLUEBOX" it is exactly the other way around: You get an actually finished box that you have to dismantle with your mind.

A tinkering game, an intellectual and practical CHALLENGE that ensures fun puzzles (and one or the other desperation)! Also as a wonderful gift!

Developed in Germany by puzzle fans for puzzle fans!

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With this box you save the cat .....

Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger and illustrates the problems of quantum mechanics in everyday objects. In this experiment, a cat and some poison are locked in a closed box. Quantum mechanics now says that after a while the cat is both dead and alive. Unfortunately, Schrödinger completely forgot about the cat because of his busy daily routine. We are sure the cat is still alive and we have to save it!

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• Start the puzzle adventure and solve the tasks: One after the other until you can look inside the box.

• Made? Then the Cluebox can easily be put back together and given to someone else who can try ...


• The Cluebox is NOT a common "Hallodri bag of tricks" that can be solved in 10 minutes ... reason and logical thinking are required here:

• 45 - 60 minutes of adventure and a challenging, formative experience

• 52 components

• All parts made of high-quality birch wood that are cut with laser technology (clean edges, no burrs or fraying!)

• 100% puzzle fun, brain teaser, head nut ... (hammers, if the challenge is too big, we also have in our range, e.g. 335894 ;-)

• 100% challenge for the "gray cells"

• Creative gift idea

• Height 120mm

• Interactive box with various puzzles

• Player: 1-2

• Recommended for ages 14 and up

• Secret compartment size: 15 x 45 x 75mm

• Replayability: Can be solved again with other players

-> If you are playing such a game for the first time, we recommend this box to start with, as it contains fewer components than our references 361832 or 361833
Nom de l'article Cluebox - Escape Room Box
Materiaal Birkenholz
Type de transformation laser geschnitten
Forme Box
Application Interaktive Rätselbox
Désignation du fabricant Schrödingers Katze
Sommaire 1.00
Contenu Unité de mesure Stk
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 120.00

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