Insect hotel - bee hotel - nesting aid for useful insects

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Insect hotel - bee hotel - nesting aid for useful insects

Nesting place for useful insects.

The hotel makes a valuable contribution to the protection of beneficial insects. The useful inhabitants pollinate the flowering plants growing nearby or eat harmful insects such as aphids or spider mites.

Filling: reeds, natural bark and solid wood block

Note: The red flap (for lacewings) can be easily unscrewed for cleaning. Please use gloves to avoid human odors.

• Breeding ground for wild bees, lacewings, earwigs, parasitic wasps and ladybirds

• Handcrafted, no uncontrolled felling

• Body made of untreated solid wood with a flamed surface

• Filled with bark, solid wood trestle and reed

• Holes in the cross timber reduce the formation of cracks

• All flaps can be removed for filling or cleaning

• Reeds at a distance from the stable metal grille allow insects better access to individual reeds and make it more difficult for birds to eat the brood or to remove the reeds

• Dimensions: 13.5 x 30 x 27cm

• Made in Europe (EU)
Nom de l'article Insektenhotel
Materiaal Holz
Application Brutplatz und Winterquartier für nützliche Insekten
Dimensions extérieures Longueur 135.00
Dimensions extérieures Largeur mm 300.00
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 270.00

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