Nest box - nesting aid

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Nest box - nesting aid

Sustainable nesting aid for tits

Domestic bird species can breed sustainably and in peace in the Recovery nest box from Windhager. The special feature of this bird nesting box is the body, which consists exclusively of pressed raw materials such as rice, bamboo or coffee bean shells. The sloping wooden roof protects the entrance hole better against nest predators. Thanks to hooks and fastening eyes, the nesting aid can be hung in a safe, partially shaded place.

• Ideal nesting aid for great tit, house sparrow and pied flycatcher

• Made from plant fibers from agricultural residues such as bamboo, coffee beans and rice

• Protruding wooden roof protects the entrance hole (Ø 32 mm) from rain

• Hooks and fastening eyes on the back

• Dimensions: 16 x 25 x 19.5 cm
Nom de l'article Nistkasten
Materiaal Holz
Propriété Flugloch Ø 32mm
Application Nisthilfe für Kohlmeise, Haussperling und Trauerschnäpper
Dimensions extérieures Longueur 160.00
Dimensions extérieures Largeur mm 250.00
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 195.00

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