Book Die Drehbank für Uhrmacher

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Book Die Drehbank für Uhrmacher

Die Drehbank für Uhrmacher – Ihr Gebrauch und Missbrauch

A study of the American lathe in its various forms past and present, their construction and proper use


German first edition as a translation of the American original by Ward L. Goodrich: Watchmakers' Lathe, Hazlitt & Walker, Chicago 1903. Berlin 2023 on 232 pages with countless illustrations and additional catalog pages (Flume, Jacob)

Format DIN A5, hard cover

So why another book on the topic of “watchmakers at the lathe”?

This is absolutely justified, because this book presents many of the origins of the watchmaker's lathe that go back 120 years. So you can finally see why z. B. the collet is also called American collet. This book will be a valuable asset for anyone who works with the lathe, especially the old one. It represents an ideal complement to the book "The watchmaker at the lathe" (our reference 345832). Even if many things are judged differently technologically today, there are still many good suggestions and many components of old lathes and their working methods to be found.

It should also be noted that this book has been supplemented with some relevant pages from the Georg Jacob catalog (1911) and Flume catalog (1911).

Goodrich's book is really an excellent supplement to the book "The Watchmaker at the Lathe" from our publishing house and should not be missing from anyone who works with the watchmaker's lathe.
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