Bathroom stool with swivel seat - 7-way height adjustable!

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Bathroom stool with swivel seat - 7-way height adjustable!

This bathroom stool is well thought out down to the smallest detail.

1. Safety: The heavy design (approx. 3.5 kg) and the large non-slip feet ensure maximum stability even on wet ground. The seat made of comfortable, slightly flexible PU foam locks itself automatically. This conveys a secure seating feeling.

2. Convenient handling: The seat surface is easily turned by simply lifting the large operating lever. If you let go of the lever, the seat locks after a quarter turn.

3. Sophisticated design: The practical shelf for shower gel, shampoo, etc., the non-slip seat and the 7-way height-adjustable feet underline the value of this stool.

The bathroom stool makes everyday life easier for people who cannot stand for long and feel unsafe on slippery, wet surfaces. It enables body care without outside help - simply while sitting.

Of course, the stool can also be used in other areas, such as E.g. can be used in the kitchen.

Dimensions: seat Ø approx. 35 cm, height: from approx. 41.5 - 59 cm, load capacity: 150 kg.

Materials: Stool Legs: Aluminum,

Seat: polyurethane, frame and shelf: polypropylene.

Bathroom stool - rotatable, safe, well thought out • Rotate without getting up, with practical shelf
Marque Maximex
Nom de l'article Badhocker mit drehbarem Sitz
Materiaal Kunststoff
Besonderheit mit Drehsitz
Anwendung Haushaltshelfer
Contenu 1.00
Contenu Unité de mesure Stück
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 415.00

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