Fireproof document pouch - medium size for jewellery, data carriers and electronics

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Fireproof document pouch - medium size for jewellery, data carriers and electronics

Fireproof document bags are used to protect important documents (such as contracts, certificates, wills) or cash, jewelry and electronics in the event of a fire in the house or apartment.

The fireproof document pouches are made with special fiberglass fibers - a very light material that is also used in aircraft construction. It is EXTREMELY HEAT RESISTANT and can withstand temperatures of up to 530°C for more than an hour. The fireproof document pockets are closed with Velcro.

The medium-sized deluxe fireproof document bag is particularly spacious and has a volume of 4.9 litres. It easily accommodates large quantities of documents or jewelry, small electrical appliances, storage media, etc. The bag is softly padded on the inside and protects jewelry and electronics from scratches. In addition to the Velcro, it is also equipped with a zipper.

• Particularly spacious

• For documents, jewellery, electronics, data carriers

• Softly padded inside

• Protects against scratches

• Additional zip

• Volume: 4.9 liters

• Dimensions: approx. 38 x 28 x 6cm

Fires in houses, apartments, offices, etc. cause major damage every year. Protect your most important documents from fire. This document case withstands temperatures of over 500 °C. Save yourself the hassle of retrieving them or the experience of losing important memories (pictures, photos or letters) forever.

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