Tin figure patina silver-gray-antique 1 liter

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  • Colour: silver gray antique

  • Content: 1000.00

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Tin figure patina silver-gray-antique 1 liter

Made in Germany

Oxidizing liquid for patinating (painting over) the figures and decorative parts cast from pewter, giving them a fantastic silver-gray-antique look.

Color: silver-gray-antique

This patina was specially developed for the tin figure foundry, as tin with a tin content of 99% is used here. For comparison: if you solder the seams of Tiffany lamps, for example, a tin with a tin content of 35/50% is required. You need a different patina for this. (e.g. Tiffany Patina black 361846 or Tiffany Patina antique copper reference 361847)

Age: from 14 years under adult supervision

When processing this product, protective gloves and goggles must be worn.

The product is classified and labeled according to the CLP regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008.

Due to the ban on the sale of tin alloys below 98% Sn (Sn = symbol for the chemical element tin), this patina has been so effectively revised that it causes the desired dark oxidation primarily for alloys above 50% Sn.
If this were now applied to a tin alloy containing a lot of lead, which was previously used for figure casting, it would appear almost black on it. This could be reduced by adding a few drops of distilled water to the required amount of patina: This can reduce the intensity of the patina effect. This is of course also generally applicable if a lighter patina is desired.

For tin alloys below 50% Sn, Tiffany patina black (our reference 361846) could be used as an alternative, which then turns this alloy very strong and intense black.

We are glad that we can still offer you pewter patins, as there are hardly any companies that manufacture them today.

With our patina, tin sheets and veneers can also be darkened evenly.
Article name Tin figure patina
Farbe silver gray antique
Application Patinating pewter figures & decorative parts
Content 1000.00
Unit content ml

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