Franzis: Electronics Escape Room - in the realm of light

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Franzis: Electronics Escape Room - in the realm of light

Frieda Funkel has a problem. She would like to fulfill a special wish for her sweetheart Stanislaus Starkstrom and give him the famous "non-contact wish siren". But in order to succeed, she has to solve ten tricky puzzles, build circuits and learn about electronic components and coding - and for that Frieda needs your help.

With this Franzis escape box, Frieda and young inventors solve puzzles that have to do with electronics and with visible and invisible infrared light.

There are ten cardboard boxes in the escape box, which are marked with symbols. If a task has been successfully solved, the inventors receive a solution code that takes them to the next one
box leads. Each box contains one or more components that are needed to solve the respective puzzle. The central element is the well-known and legendary escape controller, which you need for every puzzle. The circuits to be set up include an infrared sniffer, a coded light barrier, a heart rate monitor and a barcode reader. Solve the riddles hidden behind it and give Stanislaus the non-contact wishing siren! Scope of delivery: Escape controller board (incl. battery), LED, transistor, capacitor, resistors, potentiometer, connection cable, speaker, reflective light barrier, optical sensor, 44-page manual (DIN A5).
Also required: TV remote control, paper, felt-tip pen, flashlight.
Age: 14+
Marke Geolino
Article name Electronics escape room
Special feature Riddles with infrared light
Application Electronic escape room
Manufacturer name GEOlino
Content 1.00
Unit content pc

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