Chess Piece Casting Set China

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Chess Piece Casting Set China

The Chinese adopted the game of chess from India and adapted it to their own needs. Therefore, it shows strong influences of Confucianism, which gave the individual game pieces a different, unchangeable ranking. Chess is called Xiangqi in Chinese.

This set of molds consists of eight hard-wearing latex moulds, which have been manufactured in the traditional manual dipping process in the original "dipping latex quality".

The set contains the following forms:
1x king, 1x queen, 1x horse, 1x bishop, 1x rook, 3x pawns (size of the king 105 mm)

The robust molds can be cast with high-quality ceramic casting compounds such as Ceramibeton (e.g. reference 363072) or Ceramistone (reference 363071), but also with polyurethane, polyester or epoxy casting resin (references 361869, 336366 or 202597). When using polyester and epoxy resins, two different surface effects are possible: brush the mold once with mold release agent or sweep it out, then let the release agent dry in it. After pouring in transparent resins and curing, you'll get totally crystal clear looking figures from the molds. Fill the molds directly with the resin mixture without using a release agent. After hardening, remove the frosted, matte-looking figures. This gives you the ability to create two different looking mold surfaces in one mold. With careful handling, more than 80 figures can be cast in one mold.

Contents of the package: 8 latex casting moulds, 1 casting instruction

Important usage notice:
After use, the molds should be carefully washed with soapy water to remove casting compound residues etc. and then dried. They are then thinly coated or powdered on all sides with flowing talcum powder and stored in an airtight, sealable polybag in the dark (without the influence of daylight). This ensures that the molds will last and be used for a long time.

Material requirement: Ceramistone approx. 1,000g (our reference 363071)
Article name Chess Piece Casting Set China
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