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Silicone rubber - HE 500g

Silicone rubber HE is a particularly elastic rubber compound with a very low Shore hardness.
See the differences between our unique silicones in the overview as a PDF.

Especially suitable in combination with silicone HB for tin casting moulds!

Silicone Rubber HE is a great, high-tear-resistant special casting compound. This high-quality silicone is particularly suited for moulding complex models and structures, including those with significant undercuts. This method also allows making multi-part moulds for rapid prototyping, and permits moulding even large sculptures, including those with undercuts.

Silicone rubber HE is extremely flexible due to its unique material composition. It can also be used, for example, for casting of a one-piece silicone inlet in a sturdy cardboard tube, which makes the mould creation considerably less expensive.

Since silicone rubber HE is more expensive than our other silicones, it is often used in conjunction with silicone HB (our order no. 327553, 336350 or 336349). This creates a high-temperature resistant silicone mixture which is particularly suitable for making complex pewter casting moulds. Until now, it has not been possible to cast pewter figures with undercuts in full plastic designs because heat-resistant silicones are firm and inflexible. Therefore, such form constellations probably require producing three-part or multi-part moulds. The development of the "HE" now opens up the possibility to mix it with the heat-resistant silicone rubber "HB" to create an elastic pewter casting mould. The tin casting technique can thus boast swanky, fully plastic figures in any desired design. The silicone mixed in this manner is perfect for producing a mould that can withstand short-term temperature exposure up to 380 °C, so it is ideal for casting with lead, pewter, and zamak.

In short: Silicone rubber HE is a professional silicone that is used when reproducing particularly valuable or delicate models.

- Suitable crosslinker
- Silicone rubber - HE, 500g
- Mixing bowl
- Instructions for use

The technical specifications can be found in the enclosed SILICONE OVERVIEW.

Article name Silicone rubber HE
Application HE
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