MAIROL Blossom Wonder, 1 liter

MAIROL Blossom Wonder, 1 liter

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MAIROL Blossom Wonder, 1 liter

Mairol Flower Wonder - mineral flower fertilizer for all flowering plants. From MAIROL - as important as water.

With TURBO-ACTIVE EFFECT: Special formula that naturally ensures targeted absorption of all important nutrients. The plant can thus exploit its full growth potential.

Flower fertilizer flower miracle
• Especially for the flowering phase, for lush and longer flowering
• Contains a high proportion of phosphate, ensures willingness to flower, desired splendor of colors and fruit formation
• Contained potassium oxide supports the effect of the phosphates, promotes the firmness and resistance of the plants
• With a low nitrogen content, additional magnesium oxide and high-quality trace elements
• Suitable for foliar fertilization
• High yield (1 liter for 500 liters of irrigation water)
• NPK values: 4 + 7 + 8

• Mairol Turbo Active Effect: Selected chelated trace elements are immediately available to the plant.
• High yield: 1 liter of flower fertilizer is sufficient for 500 liters of irrigation water
• Suitable for foliar fertilization
• High quality selected raw materials
• Emphasizes phosphorus and potash

Mairol flower miracle
Mineral flower fertilizer for all flowering plants
NPK fertilizer 4 + 7 + 8

Bestsellers - especially recommended during the flowering period! The grandmother from 1920 already took Mairol - plants like Mairol.

Mairol flower wonder vitalizes flowering plants in the house, on the balcony and terrace as well as in the garden. It strengthens the willingness to flower, fruit formation and accelerates ripening. With the special nutrient composition, the plants develop lush and long-lasting colorful flowers.

Mairol flower wonder is a special fertilizer that promotes flower formation and makes the plants more resistant.

Particularly suitable for: begonias, petunias, chrysanthemums, geraniums, angel trumpets

2 ml flower fertilizer to 1 liter of irrigation water
20 ml flower fertilizer for 10 liters of irrigation water

Do not fertilize plants until about four weeks after planting or repotting.

1 liter is sufficient for 500 liters of water
Shake well before use.

4% N total nitrogen [1% ammonium nitrogen • 2% carbamide nitrogen • 1% nitrate nitrogen] • 7% P2O5 water-soluble phosphate • 8% K2O water-soluble potassium oxide • 0.02% B water-soluble boron • 0.005% Cu water-soluble copper as a chelate of EDTA • 0, 11% Fe water-soluble iron as a chelate of EDTA • 0.02% Mn water-soluble manganese as a chelate of EDTA • 0.001% Mo water-soluble molybdenum • 0.002% Zn water-soluble zinc as a chelate of EDTA

Our expert tip: Mairol growth elixir (our reference 359694) in the growth phase of the plant and then switch to Mairol flower miracle in the flowering phase.

• Nitrogen N: As the energy supplier of every plant, decisive for plant growth.
• Phosphor P2O5: For lush blooms and colors, to strengthen the tissue and to promote root growth and germination.
• Potassium K2O: responsible for the overall strength and thus also the resistance of the plant; regulates the water balance and protects the cells from the cold.

Mairol Flower Wonder supplies the plants with nitrogen, phosphate, potassium oxide and important trace elements such as magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. The mix of our nutrient components enables the plant to absorb them immediately.

Necessary plant nutrients, which are only required in very small quantities by the plants, are sometimes very important for the plants.

• Magnesium oxide MgO as an important component of chlorophyll, indispensable for the formation of green leaves.
• Boron prevents dry rot in plants
• Iron promotes cell metabolism and ensures lush green leaves
• Manganese prevents dry spots
• Molybdenum is mainly needed in vegetables
• Nickel and vanadium significantly improve the absorption capacity and effectiveness of other nutrients.
• Even in the smallest amounts, zinc has the effect of healing and the well-being of the plant
• EDTA chelate complexes: Very important for the utilization of trace elements. Chelating agents are organic molecules that bind metal ions and increase the solubility of trace nutrients.

Iron, copper, manganese and zinc are chelated in Mairol liquid fertilizers and are available to the plant right down to the plant cells after a very short time.

The result of the Mairol fertilizers is inspiring all over the world. Quality made in Germany since 1920.
Marke Ballistol
Article name Flower fertilizer
Application Flower miracle

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