Rat trap

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  • Application: Rat trap

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Rat trap

The genius among the rat traps!

The innovative yet simple safety device is not triggered by a “tap” of a paw. The catching mechanism is only triggered by lifting the flap under which the bait is located. Another advantage is that no flies get into the covered bait.

By pressing on the point, the spring of the trap is tensioned. Then you only need to carefully remove the white cap so that the rat can get to the pre-filled special attractant underneath.

Without coming into contact with the rat, the trap is emptied by tensioning the spring.

Easy to use.
Tension the trap by pressing the "point". Attention! Carefully remove the white protective cap only when the "dot" is pressed. Set up parallel to the wall and soon enjoy a rat-free home again.

• Trap with special attractant as bait
• ingenious protection mechanism
• Immediately ready for use, reusable
• Made of high quality plastic, easy to clean
• Easy to empty without touching the rat
• Dimensions: 17x 8 x 6.5cm
Article name Rat trap
Material plastic
Application Rat trap
External dimension length 170.00
Dimensions width mm 80.00
Dimensions height mm 65.00

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