Protect Stamp - stamping - washing - protecting

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Protect Stamp - stamping - washing - protecting

How do I explain the importance of hygiene measures to children?
How do I make sure that children in particular abide by the necessary hygiene rules?
How can you make something playful, easy to understand out of necessity?

The Protect Kids Stamp is the smart, easy-to-understand solution: stamping - washing - protecting.
Children love stamps and tattoos - with the Protect Stamp you can ensure correct prevention!

More and more people are working from their home office. Children must be supervised by parents and relatives. Since many people and children are afraid of getting COVID-19 themselves, it is obvious to talk to you about correct prevention.

The best weapons against ALL viruses are, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), water and soap. Regular hand washing is the best protective measure.

The Protect Stamp was developed to make it child's play, with the idea of ​​motivating and inspiring the youngest among us in a playful way.

The Protect Kids Stamp is unique worldwide (Made in Austria) The product is aimed at families, children, but also at kindergartens, schools and everyone who can protect themselves from the risk of infection using an ingeniously simple and creative idea. It is intended to help people protect themselves and to make the spread of this viral infection more difficult and stop.

An ingeniously simple idea and yet so efficient ... Immediately after getting up, it's time to put your stamp on it. The monster virus is stamped on the back of each hand and on the palm of the hand. The virus has to be washed completely by washing with soap and water until the evening. Tests showed that depending on the skin type, 4 to 5 thorough hand washes are necessary. You can't go to bed without clean hands ... because monster viruses are definitely not allowed in the bedroom.

The harmless stamp color
Every Protect Kids stamp is delivered with a special dermatologically harmless certified stamp color, i.e. a stamp ink that is harmless to the skin is used. Each stamp holds up to approx.3,000 impressions or with 5-6 impressions daily x 500 days.

The antibacterial microban protection incorporated in each stamp gives each Protect Kids Stamp additional protection against harmful microbes. Microban provides antibacterial protection and fights the growth of harmful bacteria throughout the life of the stamp.

Dimensions: 190 x 120 x 35mm
Article name Protect Stamp
Application Stamping - washing - protecting
External dimension length 190.00
Unit length mm
Dimensions width mm 120.00
Dimensions height mm 35.00

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