Energizer V23GA/ MN21/ A23 Battery

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  • Brand: Energizer

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Energizer V23GA/ MN21/ A23 Battery

Compact, powerful battery for continuous operation

• High energy density
• Reliable and long service life
• Optimized for the highest performance characteristics

The Energizer V23GA high-voltage battery is mainly used in remote controls for vehicle central locking systems, garage door openers, medical devices, pocket calculators, watches and digital cameras, etc. It is one of the best-selling button cells.


- Electrical system: Primary alkali manganese
- Type designation: 4223
- Other names: A23, E23A, V23A, V23PX, V23GA, L1028, MN21, G23A, GP23A, LRV08
- Voltage: 12 volts
- Cell size: V23GA
- System: alkaline manganese
- Capacity: approx. 55 mAh (depending on consumption / load)
- Weight per battery: 7.70 grams
- Dimensions: 28.50mm x 10.30mm
- Can be stored for a very long time


- Car key
- Remote controls
- Calculator
- Cameras
- Garage door opener
Marke Energizer
Article name V23GA
Capacity mAH 55.0
Chemical system Alkaline
IEC no LR23
IEC no-comparison LRV08, MN21, 23A, MS21, VR23, 1811A, A23, L1028
Dimensions height mm 28.50
Dimensions Ø mm 10.300

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