Digital thermo-hygrometer KLIMA GUARD with dew point and wet bulb temperature

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Digital thermo-hygrometer KLIMA GUARD with dew point and wet bulb temperature

• Temperature and humidity control
• Also ideal for professional room climate measurements
• Maximum and minimum values
• Dew point and wet bulb temperature
• Alarm function for all parameters

The digital thermo-hygrometer KLIMA GUARD is an ideal measuring instrument for monitoring the room climate. You can easily keep an eye on room temperature and humidity and regulate them through targeted heating and ventilation. In this way you can create a comfortable and healthy living environment and even save on heating costs.

The thermo-hygrometer KLIMA GUARD is equipped with a Swiss precision sensor and displays the temperature and humidity values very precisely. It is therefore also ideal for professional use, for example for climate control in storage and test rooms.

In addition, the device has various useful special functions such as information on maximum and minimum values, dew point, wet bulb temperature and an acoustic and visual alarm function for all parameters.

• For monitoring temperature (accuracy ±0.5°C from 0...50°C, otherwise ±1°C) and humidity (accuracy ±3% from 35...75%, otherwise ±5%)
• Display of maximum and minimum values
• Dew point, wet bulb temperature
• Acoustic and optical alarm function for all parameters
• Ideal for climate control of living rooms, storage rooms and test rooms

Technical specifications:
• Scope of delivery: thermo-hygrometer, batteries, operating instructions
• Inside temperature measuring range: -40...+70°C
• Measuring range indoor humidity: 1...99%
• Material: Plastic
• Mounting: For hanging or standing
• Power supply: Batteries including 2 x 1.5 V AAA
• Dimensions: (L) 106 x (W) 24 (44) x (H) 106mm
• Weight: 107g

Electronic device contains 2 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries.
Note for safe removal of the battery: Make sure that the battery is completely discharged. Carefully remove the battery. In the event of disposal, the battery and device must be disposed of separately.

What does the relative humidity in your home have to do with saving energy?

If the humidity is above the ideal range of 40-60%, the temperature in your four walls can appear to be significantly lower than it really is and you can feel chilly. This in turn means that you tend to turn the heating up and that means unnecessary expenditure of money and energy.

You can save yourself that very easily: with the help of a technical device, the thermo-hygrometer. It measures the temperature and relative humidity in the room and alerts you if anything is wrong.

By the way: The thermo-hygrometer also does a good job of preventing mold, which can form on the walls if the humidity is too high.
Marke TFA Dostmann
Article name Thermo-hygrometer
Material Plastic
Colour gray / silver
Application Indoor Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point & Wet Bulb Temperature
Manufacturer name Klima Guard
External dimension length 106.00
Dimensions width mm 44.00
Dimensions height mm 106.00

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