Digital thermo-hygrometer, white

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  • Colour: white

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Digital thermo-hygrometer, white

• For measuring indoor temperature and humidity
• Climate comfort display for 4 areas of application: room climate, musical instruments, turtle and humidor
• Max-Min function
• Small and compact
• With mounting magnet and stand

With this practical little thermo-hygrometer, you can easily keep an eye on the temperature and humidity and adjust them if necessary. The maximum and minimum values are stored and displayed at the touch of a button.

The thermo-hygrometer sticks to metal surfaces with two small magnets on the back. If you want to set up the device, then the fold-out stand is used.

The climate comfort display classifies the comfort level of the currently measured temperature and humidity: A smiling smiley shows when the climate conditions are optimal. A neutral or sad face indicates moderate or poor conditions, respectively.
You can choose between four different areas of application for the thermo-hygrometer: room climate, musical instruments, turtle and humidor.

Indoor climate: Whether we feel good and comfortable indoors depends to a large extent on the quality of the air in the room. Controlling the indoor temperature and humidity through targeted heating and ventilation creates a comfortable and healthy living environment and even saves on heating costs. A room temperature of 19 - 25 °C and a relative humidity of 40 - 60 % is perceived as pleasant by most people and minimizes health risks.

Musical instruments: Wooden musical instruments such as pianos, violins and guitars are sensitive to climatic conditions. Wood is a hygroscopic material; when the humidity is high, moisture is absorbed and objects can become deformed. If the surrounding air is too dry, moisture is withdrawn and cracks appear. The optimal climate conditions for many musical instruments are 18 - 24°C and 45 - 55% relative humidity. Please check whether these values are also correct for your own instrument.
Important when storing musical instruments: The climatic conditions should remain as constant as possible. Keep an eye on the stored high and low values and avoid sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Tortoise: As cold-blooded animals, tortoises kept in the terrarium are dependent on sufficient heat sources. Keeping conditions that are too dry promote diseases and can lead to dehydration. The conditions for the "turtle" mode correspond to the ideal conditions of a European tortoise. In the activity phase, 25 - 32 °C and 45 - 65% relative humidity are optimal. Be sure to inquire as to whether your tortoise species may require different housing conditions.

Humidor: High humidity is essential for the shelf life of cigars. That is why cigars are kept in a special container with an integrated humidification system, the humidor. At 65 - 75% relative humidity and 18 - 22 °C, most types of cigar retain their full aroma and can be stored for years.

• Scope of delivery: thermo-hygrometer, operating instructions
• Measuring range: Temperature : -10...+60°C
• Humidity measuring range: 10...99%
• Material: Plastic
• Mounting: For hanging or standing
• Power supply: Batteries (not included) 1 x 1.5V AAA (order directly under reference 2625010)
• Dimensions: (L) 55 x (W) 15 x (H) 40 mm
• Weight: 21g

What does the relative humidity in your home have to do with saving energy?

If the humidity is above the ideal range of 40-60%, the temperature in your four walls can appear to be significantly lower than it really is and you can feel chilly. This in turn means that you tend to turn the heating up and that means unnecessary expenditure of money and energy.

You can save yourself that very easily: with the help of a technical device, the thermo-hygrometer. It measures the temperature and relative humidity in the room and alerts you if anything is wrong.

By the way: The thermo-hygrometer also does a good job of preventing mold, which can form on the walls if the humidity is too high.
Brand TFA Dostmann
Article name Thermo-hygrometer
Material Plastic
Color white
Anwendung Indoor temperature and humidity
External dimension length 55.00
Dimensions width mm 15.00
Dimensions height mm 40.00

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