Mirror foil - deceptively real mirror effect!

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Produit.No. 366524

Description du produit

Mirror foil - deceptively real mirror effect!

• Deceptively real mirror effect

• Self-adhesive

• Can be cut to any size

• Removable without residue

• For all smooth surfaces

• Mirroring improved again!

No breaking!

High-quality mirror foil as a deceptively real mirror replacement

The unbreakable and cost-effective alternative to a glass mirror.

The deceptively real and self-adhesive mirror foil can be cut exactly to the desired shape thanks to the grid printed on the back.

In contrast to heavy, break-sensitive glass mirrors, the mirror foil is light and easy to handle, absolutely safe and therefore also suitable for children's rooms. Can also be used as a decorative film for chests of drawers, small furniture, etc. The reflective surface visually gives rooms more depth and enhances the living ambience.

Convenient and space-saving to install - without drilling! Simply stick it on the wall, door, wardrobe etc.

For all smooth surfaces. Remove without leaving any residue.

Dimensions: 50x58cm.
Marque Maximex
Nom de l'article Spiegelfolie
Propriété täuschend echter Spiegeleffekt
Besonderheit zuschneidbar
Anwendung anwendbar auf allen glatten Flächen
Dimensions extérieures Longueur 500.00
Unité de mesure Longueur mm
Dimensions extérieures Largeur mm 580.00

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