WIHA ESD pliers set professional

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WIHA ESD pliers set professional

• Original quality from WIHA

• Side cutters, oblique end cutters, needle nose pliers 5 pcs. including tool folder
• Safe working on sensitive electronic components

Universal set for different cutting jobs, safe holding and feeding in the electronic area
Electrostatic dissipative tools protect electronic components from destruction

When working on electronic components, there is a risk of destroying them. With the Professional ESD pliers set, this problem is a thing of the past. The ESD pliers are manufactured according to the international standard IEC 61340-5-1 and thus guarantee maximum protection of the electronic components. The dissipative pliers handles have a surface resistance of 106 - 109 ohms and dissipate electrostatic energy in a controlled and safe manner. The side cutters and oblique end cutters with opening spring included in the set are perfect for cutting soft copper wires. In addition, a narrow pliers head allows you to work in places that are particularly difficult to access. The needle nose pliers with opening spring are ideal for delicate gripping and bending work in electronics. All ESD pliers are stored safely and tidily in a robust bag.

• 1x side cutter Professional ESD wide, pointed head without bevel 115 mm, 4 1/2"
For absolutely flush cutting of copper wire.

• 1x side cutter Professional ESD wide, semi-circular head with cutting edge 115 mm, 4 1/2"
All-round electronics diagonal cutters for cutting wires of different hardnesses.

• 1x bevel end cutter Professional ESD wide head, approx. 29° with small facet 115 mm, 4 1/2"
For almost flush cutting of soft wires. Can be used horizontally and vertically.

• 1x needle nose pliers Professional ESD straight shape 120 mm, 4 3/4"
Mainly for fine gripping and bending work.

1x tool folder
Marke WIHA
Article name ESD pliers set
Property Side cutters, oblique end cutters, needle nose pliers
Application Working on sensitive electronic components
Content 4.00
Unit content pcs
External dimension length 115.00
Unit length mm
Blow with/ without

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