Latex Moulding Emulsion Formalate

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Latex Moulding Emulsion Formalate

Properties: Ready-to-use latex emulsion, easy to work with. For elastic yet very stable tubular moulds. Dries and hardens in the air.

Usage: Ideal for making simple tubular moulds (hollow moulds).

Processing: The model (figure, object, etc.) is glued to a base, e.g., a wooden disk, and then dipped into the latex material.
A thin layer will be deposited on the object. Repeat the dipping, after a short curing period, another 3 or 4 times until a stable,
pliable tubular mould is created. Alternatively, the latex mass can be applied with a paintbrush.

Suitable casting materials: Artelin, polyester resins, wax, polywood, Woodstone.

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Article name Latex Moulding Emulsion Formalate
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