Metal dip, complete set, colour silver

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  • Colour: silver

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Metal dip, complete set, colour silver

Metal dip, complete set - colour variant SILVER - everything you need to start this fascinating hobby!

Immerse a freshly picked or a plastic flower in the metal dip and "magically" create a great gift or unique piece of decoration in a flash!

Of course, you can refine many more things with this beautifying medium. Browse through your attic or basement and discover many 'antiques', and use this idea and these products to give them a delicate touch of something precious. Low-viscosity, highly flowable metal dispersion, mixed with microfine brass, copper, or silver particles. Immerse natural fresh flowers, grass, leaves, even dried or made of plastic, wood, cork, textile fabric, etc., or decorative items or, alternatively, carefully coat them with a brush.

The immersed objects can be pretreated (immersed or painted with a brush) with adhesive medium (order no. 339942/339943) so that the metal dip adheres firmly during further processing. Absorbent fabrics may be first impregnated with fabric stiffener (order no. 339947) and, after drying and hardening, immersed into the metal dip so that it adheres firmly. The metal dip dries on firmly within 40 - 60 minutes and immediately shows its metallic appearance.

Important: To prevent the metal or verdigris hues from changing colour due to moisture and weather, the object is sprayed with an anti-oxidation matt finish spray (order no. 339944) or a glossy universal decorative lacquer spray (order no. 334892). Alternatively, parts that must be weather-resistant because they will be used outdoors can be coated with UV top coat (order no. 339945/339946) - available in matt and glossy finish.

Content: metal dip kit, Package Content: 350g:
- Incl. adhesive medium 100g in bottle
- Incl. metal dip - SILVER - in 250g tin
- Incl. 1 pair of protective gloves
- Incl. 1 copy of instructions for use

Additional characteristics and data:
- Curing time approx. 40–60 minutes
- Clean brush with water as usual
- How to use: Objects to be immersed may be dipped directly into the immersion metal in the container. Alternatively, the dispersion can also be applied with a soft brush.
- Application: Immerse objects to give them a metallic appearance.


The metal dip is available in the following versions as a COMPLETE STARTER KIT:
SILVER - order no. 339934
GOLD - order no. 339935
RED GOLD - order no. 339936
COPPER - order no. 339937

Metal dip SILVER - order no. 339938
Metal dip GOLD - order no. 339939
Metal dip RED GOLD - order no. 339940
Metal dip COPPER - order no. 339941
Adhesive medium for metal dip, rust dip, concrete dip, 50g - order no. 339942
Adhesive medium for metal dip, rust dip, concrete dip, 100g - order no. 339943
Anti-oxidation matt finishing spray (to prevent colour change due to weathering) - order no. 339944
Universal decorative varnish spray - order no. 334892
UV top coat (if objects are used outdoors) satin - order no. 339945
UV top coat (if objects are used outdoors) satin-gloss - order no. 339946
Fabric stiffener (for use with fabrics), order no. 339947
Article name Metal dip set, silver
Colour silber
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Metal dip, complete set, colour silver

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