TFA Digital radio clock with indoor climate - for hanging or standing

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TFA Digital radio clock with indoor climate - for hanging or standing


• High accuracy radio controlled clock

• Particularly clear display

• For simple time orientation

• With display of indoor temperature and humidity

• Alarm with snooze function

The digital radio clock shows you more than just the time. You can see the day of the week, date, temperature and humidity at a glance.

Thanks to the large, clear display, the data can even be read from a distance - ideal if you have spacious rooms or want to see the time on the living room wall from the breakfast table.

The information is clearly arranged on three lines and visually separated by lines. This makes it easy to orient yourself on the display. The day of the week is written out and can be displayed in German and in nine other languages. Another time zone can also be set manually.

The clock receives the time signal by radio and presents it digitally. You only get an alarm if you want it and use the alarm with snooze function. In no time at all, the clock becomes an alarm clock on the bedside table or on the side table next to the sofa.

Ensure a healthy indoor climate by keeping the temperature and humidity within a comfortable range. The temperature in the room is often higher than you think and that costs energy unnecessarily.

So that the digital radio clock looks good in the ambience of every room, it has a simple and timeless design. The silver bezel frames the display and on the back there is a hanging aid for the wall as well as a leg to stand the clock up.


• Particularly clear with the day of the week written out (10 languages)

• For simple time orientation

• High accuracy radio controlled clock

• Time zone and manual setting option

• Indoor temperature and humidity

• Alarm and snooze function

• Two different alarm functions (Mon-Fri, Mon-Sun)

• Ideal for the home, office, waiting room, entrance or reception area and as a gift

• To stand or hang on the wall


• Scope of delivery: radio clock, operating instructions

• Temperature measuring range: -10°C...+50°C (14°F...122°F)

• Radio clock can be switched off: yes

• Time zone correction: +23/-23h

• Humidity measuring range: 20%...99%

• Clock: radio clock

• Material: Plastic

• Mounting: For hanging or standing

• Power supply: batteries

• Batteries: 4 x 1.5V AA (not included, please order separately, reference 331226)

• Dimensions: (L) 248 x (W) 25 (73) x (H) 206mm

• Weight: 481g
Marke TFA Dostmann
Nom de l'article Funk-Wanduhr/ Tischuhr
Material Kunststoff
Farbe silber
Forme eckig abgerundet
Application Funk
Particularité zum Hängen oder Stellen
Fonction Innentemperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit, Alarm, Snooze
Dimensions extérieures Longueur 248.00
Unité de mesure Longueur mm
Dimensions extérieures Largeur mm 25.00
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 206.00

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366143 Funk-Wanduhr/ Tischuhr TFA Dostmann Funk Kunststoff silber 89,00 € *

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